Embrace the Thrill of Motorsport with C1RCUIT Watches

Embrace the Thrill of Motorsport with C1RCUIT Watches


Welcome to the world of C1RCUIT Watches, where motorsport inspiration meets timeless design. As a UK-based micro watch company, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive timepieces that capture the essence of adrenaline, passion, and inclusion. Join us on a journey where luxury and motorsport unite, creating a brand that celebrates the heroes of today and supports the racing stars of tomorrow.

Unveiling the RACER X Series

Our flagship collection, the RACER X Series, is designed for those who appreciate the raw intensity of motorsport. Each watch in this limited edition series showcases meticulous craftsmanship and distinctive features that set it apart from the rest.

RACER X1: The Epitome of Elegance
Immerse yourself in sophistication with the RACER X1, a chronograph watch crafted with motorsport DNA. Its tachymeter function adds an extra level of functionality while embodying the spirit of motorsport's rich heritage.

RACER X2: Embrace the Weekend Spirit
Ideal for race weekends and road trips, the RACER X2 combines casual elegance with a touch of excitement. Its refined design and comfortable wearability make it the perfect companion for motorsport enthusiasts who seek a versatile timepiece.

RACER X3: Unleash Your Daily Drive
Designed to be worn every day, the RACER X3 boasts a rugged yet sleek silhouette. With a durable silicon strap and a black dial and bezel, it exudes a sense of reliability and presents the perfect balance between form and function.

RACER X Phantom. Capturing Intrigue and Imagination
The Mystery of the 4th Watch: Unlock the excitement of the RACER X collection's 4th mystery watch. This enigmatic timepiece is designed to spark intrigue and capture the imagination. Its unique design remains shrouded in secrecy, known only to those who dare to embrace the unknown. With only 150 of these exclusive watches available, owning one brings a sense of mystery and exclusivity to your collection.

    Uniquely Limited, Unmistakably Exclusive

    At C1RCUIT, we embrace exclusivity as an integral part of our brand. Limited to only 339 pieces per version, each watch in our collections becomes a rare collector's item. Once they're gone, they're gone forever, creating a sense of scarcity that fuels the desire to own a piece of motorsport-inspired history.

    Celebrating the Present, Supporting the Future

    While our rivals focus on historic moments, we pay homage to the present and future of motorsport. We celebrate the heroes of today, the racing disciplines that drive our passion, and the spirit of speed that fuels our designs. By purchasing a C1RCUIT watch, you become part of a community that supports and uplifts the motorsport industry. A portion of our profits goes back into grassroots motorsport, nurturing the careers of talented drivers, mechanics, and individuals who make the sport we love possible.

    Testimonials from Our Community

    Let our customers share their experiences of owning a C1RCUIT watch:

    • Peter: "The attention to detail and the quality of this watch are truly remarkable. It's a great addition to any collector's ensemble."
    • Claire: "The cool details and comfortable strap make this watch a standout. It's become my go-to accessory."
    • Darren: "C1RCUIT delivers on its promise of a new style and a new name. This watch is a conversation starter and a true beauty."

    Experience C1RCUIT

    Experience the world of C1RCUIT Watches, where motorsport and luxury collide to create exceptional timepieces. With our commitment to quality, inclusivity, and supporting the racing community, we invite you to join us in celebrating the passion and thrill of motorsport. Explore our collections, secure your limited edition piece, and embark on a journey fuelled by adrenaline and style.

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