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Who are your watches for?

Our inaugural collection of watches, the RACER X, is designed to cater to everyone. While our inspiration lies in the world of motorsport, it's merely reflected in the captivating design elements. These timepieces are crafted for watch enthusiasts, fashion aficionados, daring explorers, thrill seekers, wine enthusiasts, foodies, sports lovers, boys and girls, men and women, all walks of life for all to enjoy! If you like what you see, just go for it!

Furthermore, our watch collection consists of limited runs, intentionally designed to ignite a sense of exhilaration and joy. By offering only a small handful of watches that are part of a collection, we create an exclusive experience that adds an element of anticipation and uniqueness to each timepiece. As time goes on, these limited editions become increasingly scarce, making them highly sought after in the years to come. Embrace the excitement of owning a piece that is not only stylish, captivating and affordable, but also holds the promise of becoming a cherished rarity in your collection.

Our brand ethos revolves around one simple principle: fun. Embrace the joyous moments without overthinking. Life is fleeting, so immerse yourself in its pleasures and revel in the experience.

What is a R3V3RSE watch?

A R3V3RSE watch is a very special version of our watches. Only 1% of our watches are R3V3RSE. If you get one, you are one of the lucky the ones!

Whether you get one or not will be completely random. And if you do get one be sure to contact us and send in your photos with you and this very special watch.

With each RACER X limited run of 339 watches there will be only 5 R3V3RSE versions

A R3V3RSE watch is quite simply a watch where our C1RCUIT logo has been reversed. It's a mirror image.

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What is pre-ordering?

Pre-ordering refers to the process of reserving or purchasing a product before it becomes officially available for sale to the general public. This practice is particularly common in the retail industry, where it allows businesses to gauge customer interest and generate buzz for their upcoming products. For our brand, pre-ordering not only serves as a means to connect with our loyal followers but also grants them exclusive benefits through our VIP program. By signing up to become VIPs, customers gain priority access to the purchasing process, receiving first notifications about the availability of our watches before the official release is announced. This approach ensures that those who are eager to own one of our limited-edition watches can secure their purchase in advance, as each edition has a restricted production run. Through pre-ordering and our VIP program, we aim to cultivate a sense of exclusivity and reward our dedicated customers for their support.

I'm from the US. How long till I get my watch?

It could be as quick as 2 days, but generally we'd say 2-4 days. Will cost you around 37 bucks. Worth it though, hell yeh!

What is a mircro brand?

A micro brand, in the context of a C1RCUIT watches, refers to a small-scale independent company that designs and sells watches. Unlike established luxury watch brands such as Rolex or Omega, micro brands operate on a smaller budget, have limited production capabilities, and often cater to niche markets or specific watch enthusiasts.

Do you offer discounts?

To commemorate the unity with our dedicated followers who have played a crucial role in kickstarting our brand, we are thrilled to announce a limited-time discount exclusively available to them during our launch.

Long term our decision is not to offer discounts, not only preserve the exclusivity and desirability of our watches but also to enable us to allocate the profits towards initiatives in motorsport. By maintaining our pricing structure, we ensure that we can continue supporting the community and investing in the future of this thrilling industry. We are grateful for the unwavering support of our customers, whose choice to purchase our watches helps us make a positive impact in the world of motorsport.

By choosing our brand and purchasing our watches at their regular price, our customers become part of this meaningful endeavor. They can take pride in knowing that their support directly contributes to the advancement of motorsport and the opportunities it provides for aspiring athletes and enthusiasts alike.

How should I care for my watch?

Always make sure that the crown is pushed in to prevent moisture from entering your watch.

Avoid extreme temperatures (changes), severe shocks, chemical products and magnetic fields. 

We recommend keeping your watch clean (wash it frequently in fresh water and dry it with a soft cloth). 

After being worn in the sea, the watch must be rinsed with warm fresh water and then dried completely. 

Take care of adequate maintenance (every two-three years) by competent watch makers in order to maintain the performance of your watch and its longevity. 

Do's and don'ts

Don’t change the date indicator when the time is showing between 10pm and 2am. 

Don’t wear bracelets next to the watch. 

Do avoid severe shocks (e.g. remove your watch when playing tennis or chopping wood) 

Do keep your watch clean. 

Do adequate maintenance (every two-three years) by competent watch makers.

What happens if I WIN the GIVEAWAY and I've pre-ordered a RACER X1?

Simple. You can have both, or we can give you a full refund on your pre-ordered RACER X1. No problem.