R3V3RSE edition - finding your golden ticket.

R3V3RSE edition - finding your golden ticket.

Remember the original film of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? Gene Wilder's legendary portrayal of Willy Wonka in the 1971 movie classic has been etched in my memory ever since.

In the film, Willy Wonka is a reclusive and enigmatic chocolatier who decides to open his factory to five lucky children who find golden tickets hidden in his Wonka bars. The discovery of the five golden tickets created an immense wave of excitement and anticipation within the storyline.

Well, get ready to relive the exhilarating excitement that Willy Wonka once created, because history is about to repeat itself with the release of the limited edition RACER X1 watch.

In a move reminiscent of the legendary golden tickets, I have meticulously crafted five exclusive, extraordinarily rare versions of the RACER X1 featuring a distinctive reverse logo, hidden away within the collection.

Owning one of these timepieces will grant you access to an elite circle, where you'll belong to the esteemed 1% club and become the object of envy in your community. But that's not all—alongside a guest of your choosing, you will be personally invited to join us, Team C1RCUIT, for an unforgettable VIP experience at a top motorsport event.

Ownership will be entirely down to your luck and good fortune, much like in the film. With only five being produced out of the limited run of 339 units, obtaining a reverse logo variant will be extremely rare.

So to all our customers, we wish you all the best and may Lady Luck bestow upon you a mischievous wink.

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