A weekend at Hooton Park circuit.

A weekend at Hooton Park circuit.

A great weekend away supporting the guys and girls competing at Round 5 of the Indikart+ Championship 2023. Continuing our grassroots motorsport initiative, we travelled up to Ellesmere Port and the Hooton Park circuit for our Driver Of The Weekend award with one lucky winner receiving our RACER X1 watch.

We met up with friends TDI Media and Jake Sanson who were providing the TV footage and commentary of the event, and it was a great showcase of racing talent throughout.

On the Saturday we took advantage of the Open Testing, with my daughter Bella taking to the track and getting in some seat time in her Rotax Mini Max kart. Despite the heat she managed to get in 8 sessions and some pretty quick times. It's a fast flowing track with some very quick corners, a couple of hairpins and a double apex left hander to tackle.

Then on Sunday came the racing which was a brilliant spectacle. There is a good vantage point where you can see the whole track, but as the event was live streamed and commentary royalty Jake Sanson was on the mic, we retreated to the cooler, comfy seated and air cooled motorhome for some sensational track action on the TV.

The DOTW was eventually chosen by Jake, and we were definitely in agreement with his choice. There were a few drivers in the running with some very strong performances but yet again a Bambino driver was chosen, and for good reason. The racing came down to a duel between the front two. And it was fantastic. Seat of your pants stuff.

As we make our way through 2023 we shall continue to support grassroots motorsport. We've had a great response from all involved and as well as bringing exposure to the brand its a great way to support and celebrate young driving talent.


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