Ep.3 Meet The Driver - Ralphie-Joe Branscombe

Ep.3 Meet The Driver - Ralphie-Joe Branscombe

Continuing our Grassroots Motorsport series, we sit down and talk all things racing with our Ultimate Karting Championship Round #3 Super Final AND Driver Of The Weekend winner, Ralphie-Joe Branscombe.

Interviewer: Hello Ralphie, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Ralphie: Hi, my name is Ralphie-joe Branscombe I am 11 years old I have been karting for around two and a half years as a privater and my race number is #96.

Interviewer: What first attracted you to Karting?

Ralphie: I went indoor karting on a day out and qualified for the British indoor karting championships from the moment I sat in the seat I was hooked It was epic with the help of sponsors I was able to get my own kart and start racing outdoors being at track racing and learning is what what I love to do it’s my favourite place to be.

Interviewer: What is it about karting that you enjoy the most?

Ralphie:  I really enjoy lots of things like from the trill of driving, racing, the speed, learning the mechanics, I love the thrill of chasing fastest laps, overtaking beating my personal bests whilst travelling the country exploring making new friends and memories along the way I love all things karting it’s awesome.

Interviewer: Who inspires you to get on track and succeed?

Ralphie: my sponsors, family and supporters inspire me to succeed and always try my best but most of all dad for always believing in me.

Interviewer: What is your favourite memory on track so far?

Ralphie: my favourite memory is round 3 of UKC as a dad and lad team to secure the win overall and in class with an overtake on the final lap from gas works to finish line going from third to 1st winning the constructor cup for my dad/mechanic was an amazing feeling then I was super proud to be picked as driver of the weekend there was no better feeling what an awesome weekend the memories from this round are epic.

Interviewer: Which is your favourite motorsport series you enjoy watching?

Ralphie: F1, Alphalive.

Interviewer: Who is your favourite all-time racing driver?

Ralphie: Michael Schumacher

Interviewer: What is your ultimate ambition you’d like to achieve in motorsport?

Ralphie: my ultimate ambition would be to achieve the dream of racing in F1

Interviewer: And finally, where can we see you racing for the remainder of 2023?

Ralphie : thanks to the help of my sponsors I will be racing at the Ultimate karting championship and The Kart Championship.

Interviewer: Thank you so much for your time Ralphie, and best of luck for the rest of the season.

Ralphie:  your welcome and thank you for everything.


We wish Ralphie all the best for the remainder of 2023. You can follow Ralphie’s racing online at:

Facebook @ralphiejoe.branscombe
Instagram @RALPHIEJOE12  
TikTok @Kart.champ
YouTube @rapidralph96 

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Enjoyed this interview very much. Ralphie has his head screwed on right. He’s such a very well spoken young man. I wish him all the best in the world of karting .


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