Ep.1 Meet The Driver - James Roots (IAME Bambino)

Ep.1 Meet The Driver - James Roots (IAME Bambino)

Continuing our Grassroots Motorsport series, we talk to James, our Driver Of The Weekend at Round 2 of The Kart Championship last month. Taking the top spot for the weekend, James impressed with his attacking style of racing. Well done James. A RACER X1 edition watch is yours.

We spoke to James to get to know this cracking little racer... 

C1RCUIT: Hello James, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

James: Hi, my name is James, I am 7 years old, I support Man City Football Club.  I have been racing since 6, but my Dad has been taking me karting since I am 4. I live in Wokingham and I have a sister called Maiya, and a cat called Guinness.

C1RCUIT: What first attracted you to Karting?

James: My Dad raced Kart & Cars, so we were always at a race track.  Seeing him race, coming from the back to win, made me feel anything was possible.  My Dads friend’s son had a bambino, I sat in it and that was me sold!

C1RCUIT: What is it about karting that you enjoy the most?

James: I love racing and overtaking.  It really makes me happy when I do a good move.

C1RCUIT: Who inspires to get on track and succeed?

James: Lewis Hamilton

C1RCUIT: What is your favourite memory on track so far?

James: Winning the UK plate at Shennington last year as a 6-year old

C1RCUIT: Which is your favourite motorsport series you enjoy watching?

James: F1

C1RCUIT: Who is your favourite all-time racing driver?

James: My Dad 😝 (he told me to say that)

C1RCUIT: What is your ultimate ambition you’d like to achieve in motorsport?

James: I would like to drive for McLaren. Bruce had the same issues as I have.

C1RCUIT: And finally, where can we see you racing for the remainder of 2023?

James: BKC – we love it here!

C1RCUIT: Thank you so much for your time James, and best of luck for the rest of the season.

James: thank you


Every month we bring you an interview with racings stars of the future, through our Meet The Driver series. We are proud to support the racing talent that is shaping the future of our sport. If you would like to feature, do get in touch with us at time@c1rcuit.com

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