Powering Timeless Moments at AS24 - Ask Guenther Steiner

Powering Timeless Moments at AS24 - Ask Guenther Steiner

This weekend, the motorsport world gathered at the NEC for the exhilarating Autosport International Show 2024, and we at C1RCUIT were thrilled to play a pivotal role in one of the event’s standout highlights.

Known for our dedication to precision and elegance—qualities that resonate deeply with the finely tuned machines and the spirit of the event—we sponsored the “Best Question to Guenther Steiner” segment. It was a unique opportunity for attendees to engage directly with one of the most charismatic figures in Formula 1. The prize at stake was none other than our RACER X1 watch, a testament to innovation and endurance.

The spotlight was intensely focused on Guenther Steiner, who, despite being unexpectedly released from his role as the Haas F1 Team principal just a day before the show, turned up and truly became the star of the event. His professionalism and remarkable sense of humour in the face of adversity made him an even more compelling figure.

Fans and motorsport enthusiasts from around the globe prepared their questions, each eager not only to win the RACER X1 but also to glean insights from a seasoned veteran of the sport. Guenther’s answers were a blend of reflective wisdom and forward-looking insights, drawn from his extensive experience at the pinnacle of one of the most challenging sports arenas.

The session transcended the usual race talk, delving into the human stories that often go unnoticed behind the scenes. Guenther spoke candidly about his career, his views on the evolving landscape of Formula 1, and his personal journey through the racing world, connecting deeply with everyone present.

The climax came when the "Best Question" was selected—a thoughtful probe into how team strategies have evolved in response to technological advancements in the sport. Guenther’s detailed response not only shed light on the strategic intricacies of Formula 1 but also underscored the depth and intelligence behind the scenes.

We are incredibly proud to have facilitated such a rich exchange of ideas and to witness the profound connection between a sport we love and the qualities we champion at C1RCUIT. The awarded RACER X1 watch symbolises our shared commitment to pushing boundaries, seeking answers, and striving for excellence.

Thank you to all who participated and contributed to making this event a memorable moment in this year's motorsport calendar. We are excited to continue engaging with the community and to inspire the passion and precision that go into every watch we craft.

Stay tuned to our blog and follow us on social media for more updates on our involvement in motorsport and the exciting ventures beyond. Together, let's race against time, in pursuit of the exceptional.

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