It’s time to wave the chequered flag and welcome an exhilarating new chapter because we at C1RCUIT are absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with British F4 for the exhilarating 2024 racing season! It's "officially official", and our engines are revving with excitement!

In just our second year, C1RCUIT has shifted gears from enthusiastic newcomers to proud sponsors of F4, a true pinnacle of British motorsport. Reflecting on our journey, it's been nothing short of a high-speed chase filled with passion, precision, and now, immense pride. Our whole team is buzzing, and it feels like we’re standing on the podium together, sharing this incredible milestone.

Our racing adventure kicked off last year when we partnered with The Kart Championship and the Ultimate Karting Championship. We started our legacy by supporting grassroots motorsport initiatives, rewarding the most impressive drivers of the weekend with our bespoke Driver Of The Weekend (DOTW) watches. And oh, did we witness some spectacular talent zooming past us! It was a fantastic display of skill and determination, with a beautifully balanced mix of male and female drivers taking the spotlight. In fact, our very first DOTW awards went to two exceptionally talented female racers. Watching their careers accelerate has been a joy, and it reinforces our belief: the future of racing is dazzlingly bright!

This year, we’re shifting up another gear! As part of our sponsorship, we will be presenting our stunning RACER X2 watches to the pole-sitters at each race. For those not yet in the loop, the RACER X2 isn’t just a watch; it’s a statement. Known affectionately as "one for the weekend," this timepiece is the epitome of fun meets function. With its vibrant blue and white fabric strap, pristine white dial, and a design inspired by those joyous weekend drives on sunlit, winding B roads, the RACER X2 is a trophy in itself.

Imagine this: It’s a sunny race day, you’re sporting your RACER X2, and the exhilarating roar of engines fills the air as young talents battle it out on the track. This isn’t just about keeping time; it’s about celebrating speed, skill, and the spirit of racing. Each tick of the RACER X2 isn’t just a second passing; it’s a heartbeat of motorsport, echoing the pulse-pounding thrill of the race.

We’re not just timing laps; we're celebrating every overtake, every tight corner navigated perfectly, and every finish line crossed. This partnership symbolises more than just timekeeping—it's about being part of a community that cherishes every moment of the race, from pole position to podium.

So, to all the motorsport enthusiasts, F4 fans, and watch aficionados: get ready for a spectacular season. Join us on this thrilling ride as we support the stars of tomorrow in their quest to become champions. The engines are warmed up, the drivers are ready, and so is the RACER X2. Let’s make every second count!

Here’s to a fantastic 2024 season with British F4!


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