Darren Cook

Darren Cook

Multi award-winning independent film and TV director, DoP, editor and photographer. Loves grass-roots motorsports. Loves watches. 

"I love watches. I love a good looking watch and I like a watch that sits on your wrist and settles with you to the point you dont even realise you are wearing it. I got this with C1RCUIT! watches when I was filming them with Will.

The X1 is by far the most stunning watch in the range….. SO FAR… the face, the strap, the feel and the size. Its a beautiful piece.

When I am working, filming, taking photos, the X2 is surpirisingly my go to. When I first saw the material strap I wasnt its biggest fan, but I gave it my wrist for a day…… its now everyday. Its very light with a natural feel and is a first one to grab when I am out filming. It just doesn't get in the way and looks good.

Filming watches gives me a very privileged look at whats coming up from C1RCUIT! and I love getting the chance to see them close up. I have 12 watches in total from variuous makes and ALL have been worn for certain times but C1RCUIT! just has the whole range covered.

They get noticed too. I am always asked what I’m wearing when I'm working and there is a little pride and smuggness when I show them.

Cant wait to see what C1RCUIT! bring out next in the range."

Darren S Cook

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